Tee Shot

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Putters are good for short distances. In using golf clubs you need to understand what the numbers and what the clubs are best used for. 1 wood is good for making the ball go like a distance of 170 yards or more. 5 iron is useful in projecting the ball to a distance of about 100 yards 9 iron is good for getting the ball to a distance of about 60 yards The thing about golf club is that even apart from their general uses you need to make the decision of which pone works best for you. 

Understanding of the game Proper equipment Patience Practice I do not want to be too technical about it, my mission is to help you start and improve your golf game. Read on and have an open mind. Understanding the game You will need to know that your goal is to send the ball to the hole. However, you may ask why then do players take so much time on the tee? 

Do you think Tiger Woods got to where he is right now without a strong or fierce determination? Practice It has been said that, Practice makes perfect. It will be impossible for you to perfect your game if you don t have a strong practice regime. The world top golfers all agree on one thing, there is no substitute for practice. 

This knowledge separates the top players from the usual players. The Course Though there are special regulations guiding the construction of a course, professional golf players will tell you that courses differ one from another. Knowing and mastering the course is important. It s what lets you know how to hit your ball, where to hit it and where to avoid. 

Guide to Golf Clubs Golf started as early as 1297 in Netherlands. The players use a stick and a leather ball to play during that time. As time goes by different golf clubs emerged. Different sizes and different shapes of club head. If you are serious, you want to improve your golf game, knowing the right golf club is the best way to start. 

Use The Internet The Internet is a really great resource it comes to finding things. You can use the internet to check out reviews, expert opinions, and recommendations about what the right golf club should be like and feel like. This will really help you in your search as you will be able to balance the ideal with reality, what is good with what is right for you.