Tee Shot

BEN HOGAN Five Lessons Training Exercise

Use the internet to research free golf lessons and tips, and work them into your game Taking self-taught golf lessons requires a lot of trial and error to get your game right but that doesn t make it impossible. You just need to work extra hard and be willing to do all it takes to improve your game. A willingness to learn has always been the major difference between the champions and the average players in the world. 

Again, there are many shapes of the wedge head; this is because each head may have a different function than the other. Driver The driver is mostly made of wood; the popular use of the driver is on the tee. You may find it difficult to use the driver on the tee but you may practice your swing and later on, you will be comfortable. 

- You are not allowed to play an amateur game if you have played for money in any way. The above are general rules and golf associations follow them. Other golf associations employ minor revisions to the golfing rules but the above rules are always part of them. The rules however are not enough if you cannot follow the ethical rules on the green. 

If your group misses your tee time, you could lose your spot and have to wait around for another opening. In fact, a good rule of thumb will be to arrive earlier than your scheduled time. This way you can warm up by hitting a few balls at the driving range. Equipment - Make sure you have your equipment with you. 

You can take private golf lessons, go for group lessons organized by some golf clubs or you could go to a golf school. Private golf lessons are really good if you prefer one-on-one coaching. you will receive lessons tailored for your individual needs. You won t have to worry over other people seeing your mistakes as it will be between your golf instructor and you. 

* Learn the swing * Find a mentor * Enjoy the game Learn the swing The common mistake of beginners is to give their swing all the power they can muster. This may bring your ball forward but the direction may be the problem. The recommendation is for you to learn how to comfortably swing your golf club that it will give your ball direction and distance.