Tee Shot

Funny Golf Lesson

Tips On How To Play Better Golf Whether you play golf for business, recreational or professional reasons it is best that you know the essential things that can help you to play better golf. After all no matter what your golf playing reasons are, you still want to win. So here are some tips to help you lay better golf: Prepare Yourself If you are not prepared to play mentally and physically, you won t be at your best. 

I am giving you the five basic etiquette guidelines to follow when playing golf. Guidelines that veteran players need to brush up on as much as beginners need to know. Tee Times - Most of the time, you may want to reserve a tee time to arrive at the gold course to play. When you and your golf buddies schedule a tee time, actually show up for the tee time. 

Your position in the follow-through will tell if you did the full swing perfectly and thus sending your ball to the hole. You will surely be able to say that you did the full swing well if your follow-through gives you the position where you chest faces your target. The follow-through will also send your clubface accelerating upon impact. 

Look after yourself and condition properly. - Warm up properly with some stretches and practice swings. -That sun can be lethal on a warm Saturday morning. Protect yourself with sunglasses and sunscreen. - As with any outside activity, drink plenty of fluids. Along the course there are several beverages stations, take advantage. 

I may need to mention that this game is unlike any other game; in here, what you need is strategy rather than power. Why do I say this? This is because the common mistake of golf beginners is by giving all their might in trying to hit the ball. This is not the proper way to play golf and I am hoping that this article will help you learn how to get started and hopefully learn the tricks to make sure that you will not only enjoy this game but rather be successful in your business while playing. 

The rules however are not enough if you cannot follow the ethical rules on the green. Golf etiquette - Respect other players, as you wish to be respected. - Do not speak too loudly that you may hamper other players concentration. - Be on time, especially for your schedule on the tee. - Ensure not to get in the way of other players.