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That is a personal decision and is up to you, how much you love the game, if you can afford it, how often you play etc are some of the things that must be considered in making the decision to buy your golf cart. If you ve decided that buying a golf cart is a labor and time saving device worth your while, you can get good golf carts easily. 

If for one reason or another you can t take private or group golf lessons, you may have to do it yourself .You ll have to do the research for yourself; using the internet, asking golfers you know or even walking up to those you don t know for tips and putting their advice and tips into your game. No matter what approach to learning you choose, the most important this is that you must be willing to learn and do whatever it takes to make your being a master golfer dream come alive. 

Golf Fitness and Health Whether you are just getting started with golf or you are a seasoned player just coming off their off-season, here are some fitness ideas to help you condition for the game of golf. The first thing you have to work on in golf fitness is your flexibility. Which makes sense, because in order to execute your golf swing correctly you have to develop the range of motions within your joints and muscles. 

To the untrained eye a golf club is a just a golf club, one is not different from another but the pros know that there is a big difference between a golf club and the right golf club. So much engineering skills have been put into making golf clubs, they have been designed to help you achieve your best in the game so if you get the right one you ll play the right game. 

You will need to follow certain anglings and mind your movement to create fluidity of motion and giving direction to your ball. I hope I can help you improve your golf swing by giving you some of the useful tips on how to execute the proper golf swing. Parts of a golf swing Backswing Downswing Follow-through What is the backswing? 

Andrews (R&A) establish and enforce include the following: - Play the ball from the position where it rests after a stroke. - Do not revise the condition of the ground or any parts of the course to gain an unfair advantage. - The ball may not be replaced during the game except when the golf ball is proven unplayable or destroyed.