Tee Shot

Jack Nicklaus - Golf Channel 12 Days of Instruction 2010

The closer you are to the green, the higher number iron you will use. Wedges Just a fancy word really for a specialty iron really. Common used wedges in golfers sets are the pitching wedge, sand wedge, approach wedge, lob wedge and high lob wedge. These clubs can be extremely useful to a golfers game. 

The recommendation is for you to learn how to comfortably swing your golf club that it will give your ball direction and distance. There is only one way to do this and that is practice. Also, try to learn from other players around you. Find a Mentor This is important. Even professional have mentors that gave them the guidance on how to play the golf well. 

If you don t really understand the game, watching a golf game may appear boring to you but when you really understand the game you realize that it s a really very interesting game. It s a game that really requires a lot of discipline and patience. What great golfers do during the major competitions are a result of the discipline they had cultivated during their seemingly minor practice time. 

Learning with a group will help you master your game well as there will be some sort of competition in the group. It s human, people will always try to outdo one another whenever they have something in common. This can be to your advantage as you will strive to be the best. The major problem with taking group lessons in learning golf is that there is not enough time for the instructor to attend to everybody s individual needs, so success to the instructor is measured based on the percentage on people making progress not individual progress. 

Golf Etiquette Most people do not realize that when you are playing on those green hills on a beautiful Saturday morning there are rules to follow. You can t just show up, hit some balls into some holes and call it a day. There are rules of golf. There are even long, descriptive, detailed books about these rules. 

- Do not stand too close to the hole even if you are holding the flagstick. If you notice, the above rules are merely exhibition of common sense. Just like in playing any game, following the rules and exhibiting ethics may help you play the game properly. However, this will not ensure that you will play a great game.