Tee Shot

LeBron James -- Golf Lesson

If your group misses your tee time, you could lose your spot and have to wait around for another opening. In fact, a good rule of thumb will be to arrive earlier than your scheduled time. This way you can warm up by hitting a few balls at the driving range. Equipment - Make sure you have your equipment with you. 

Well, not until you are sure that your thousand-dollar golf club is what fits you. So, how do you know what golf club fits you? Let us discuss first the characteristics of golf clubs before you decide which golf club you need. What are the types of gold club? Putter Iron Wood Wedge Driver Putter The putter s job is merely to send the ball rolling. 

The first thing you should do is get your swing evaluated by a professional first. This way you can buy the clubs appropriate to your specifics. Those people somewhere who make golf clubs has a goal in life: to create golf clubs that maximize the physics of a golfer s swing while allowing for a range of swing error to provide an accurate, yet forgiving shot. 

Basic things like, the swing, the clubs and the course. The Swing There is nothing so basic and yet so important in golf as the swing. The swing is what differentiates great players from ordinary players. Every player s most important thing in golf is learning his swing. Golf is simply about swinging a club, hitting a ball towards and eventually into a hole. 

Know Your Course Just important as the clubs in the game of golf is the golf course. Great players are those who take time to study their course. Knowing your course has the advantage of letting you know where to avoid in the course and where to focus your drives. When you know your course well, you know where the trouble spots are and how to avoid it. 

Flexibility exercises should be done no less than four days a week. So that the exercises can be done correctly, allow ten to fifteen per session. Make sure you pay very close attention to your technique. If you aren t doing your exercises correctly, then you won t be doing any good for your golf game.