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Online Golf Instruction: Best Drill Ever to Create Golf Swing Lag

This helps you to play better golf because you will be having a nice game. Don t Be Intimidated By Those You Are Playing Against To be your best at the game you must never allow the people you are playing against to intimidate you . No matter how good they are, don t let their track records intimidate you, if you do you will lose focus. 

It is also important that golf etiquette will not be far away in your mind. Golf is an old game, it however, will not last that long if players will not follow the rules, employ fairness and play with ethics. Now, what are the rules and the ethics that need application? Let us start with the rules. Only one general rule however, that is fairness in all aspect of the game. 

This is the general rule; some diversions to the rule apply in some other associations. However, most golfers all over the world follow the above rules. The rules however will not make sure that you are going to be able to play a good game. Practice and fairness in all aspect of the game need to be followed and you are well on your way to enjoying the game to its fullest. 

Putters If you ever played putt putt then you know what these are for. That s right! It gets the ball into the hole. It is used on the green only and there are a wide variety of putters out there to choose from. Now, you don t have to have a completely full set to start golfing. In fact, my research has shown that it is actually recommended for beginner golfers to start out with a short set. 

With golf carts you don t have to travel up and down the course while playing golf, they make the game simple and easy. But this is not its only use, golf carts can also be used to transport yourself round your local community and to the golf course if it s not too long a distance. You can make your golf cart street legal in conformity with your local laws. 

Since success starts in your mind, you should learn to visualize playing golf in your mind. Visualize playing golf in your mind and getting it right. If you get it right in your mind you ll be surprised how easy it will be when it s time to actually play it on the course. Refuse To Be Intimidated By Others The reason why some people find it difficult to improve their game is because they feel intimidated by the people they play with.