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Do some stretching exercises on a regular basis. This will help you prepare for any game you want to enjoy including golf. To help you continue improving your game even after age 50, you may need a mentor that knows golf and should be more than 50 as well. Why is this so, this is to make sure that your mentor or coach understands the risk and thus will be able to teach you techniques that will not lead to problems later on. 

These include lights, brake lights, safety belts etc. These days some country clubs allow their members to buy and customize their golf carts and use them when playing on the golf course. So getting a good golf cart to buy should not really be a problem. The major decision you will have to make is deciding whether buying a golf cart is worth your while. 

This is not the proper way to play golf and I am hoping that this article will help you learn how to get started and hopefully learn the tricks to make sure that you will not only enjoy this game but rather be successful in your business while playing. Of course, you know that you will need a golf club. 

What are the types of gold club? Putter Iron Wood Wedge Driver Putter The putter s job is merely to send the ball rolling. You do not need to employ as much strength here. Simple hit the ball to have it roll perpendicular to the hole. Simply put, the job of a putter is to roll the ball at a short distance. 

Use the internet to research free golf lessons and tips, and work them into your game Taking self-taught golf lessons requires a lot of trial and error to get your game right but that doesn t make it impossible. You just need to work extra hard and be willing to do all it takes to improve your game. A willingness to learn has always been the major difference between the champions and the average players in the world. 

Golf is an old game, it however, will not last that long if players will not follow the rules, employ fairness and play with ethics. Now, what are the rules and the ethics that need application? Let us start with the rules. Only one general rule however, that is fairness in all aspect of the game. Other rules that the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St.