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PurePoint Golf Video Lessons - Timing in the Driver Swing

Fitness is very important in golf. You need to be mentally and physically fit to be at your best. Fitness is not really about strength it s about preparing your body and mind to be able to handle things. Good fitness will mean you are well exercised and that your muscles, joints, hands and your whole body and mind are prepared for the challenge ahead. 

Patience You will need to give fluidity to your swing and if you are angry, frustrated or too excited, you will not be able to deliver the swing that will lead to the hole. Patience is therefore necessary; you may be mad at your poor swing but take time to relax and try again. Practice There is no overnight success in golf. 

It may help to mention at this point, that the two large golf organizations that take care of the establishment and enforcement of the rules are the United States Golf Association (USGA) and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews (R&A). Both these bodies carry the flag of fairness in the rules. 

Borrowing clubs is not necessarily frowned upon but you do not want to bother your companions by continuously asking to borrow their clubs. When arriving at the golf course, make sure you have all the clubs you need, not to exceed fourteen. Also, have enough tees and balls with you. Dress - Check on your golf course s dress code. 

The major downside to taking private lessons is the price, it is usually expensive. Group lessons help you get it right at an affordable rate. Learning with a group will help you master your game well as there will be some sort of competition in the group. It s human, people will always try to outdo one another whenever they have something in common. 

Your wrists play an important part in your golf swing. They control the club and provide the power behind your swing. You need to incorporate some wrist strengthening exercises into your program that will strengthen them for their role. It is important to stay healthy for you perfect golf game. Look after yourself and condition properly.