Tee Shot

Tiger Woods Golf Swing - Understand Tiger's Impact Position

To the untrained eye a golf club is a just a golf club, one is not different from another but the pros know that there is a big difference between a golf club and the right golf club. So much engineering skills have been put into making golf clubs, they have been designed to help you achieve your best in the game so if you get the right one you ll play the right game. 

These are: the correct alignment of the golf club; correct posture and position, back swing, take-away, impact and the follow through. Getting this right will guarantee perfect swings throughout the game and help you play better golf. Know Your Clubs The golf club is very important in the game of golf. 

Your position in the follow-through will tell if you did the full swing perfectly and thus sending your ball to the hole. You will surely be able to say that you did the full swing well if your follow-through gives you the position where you chest faces your target. The follow-through will also send your clubface accelerating upon impact. 

You only need to make sure that the direction is still there. Stretching is necessary If you are more than 50 and you still want to enjoy golfing and other fun activities, it may help to prepare yourself for the physicality of the activities. Do some stretching exercises on a regular basis. This will help you prepare for any game you want to enjoy including golf. 

If you don t really understand the game, watching a golf game may appear boring to you but when you really understand the game you realize that it s a really very interesting game. It s a game that really requires a lot of discipline and patience. What great golfers do during the major competitions are a result of the discipline they had cultivated during their seemingly minor practice time. 

There are so many different things to choose from. There are the expensive ones, the cheap ones, the most popular ones, the ones the pros are using. That s what I m here for. To help guide you in the right direction for purchasing your first set of golf clubs. The first thing you should do is get your swing evaluated by a professional first.