Tee Shot

Wrist Action in Golf Swing for Lag, Speed, Power & Distance by Herman Williams, PGA

To help guide you in the right direction for purchasing your first set of golf clubs. The first thing you should do is get your swing evaluated by a professional first. This way you can buy the clubs appropriate to your specifics. Those people somewhere who make golf clubs has a goal in life: to create golf clubs that maximize the physics of a golfer s swing while allowing for a range of swing error to provide an accurate, yet forgiving shot. 

The most common mistake of beginning golfers is that they try to give as much strength they can muster in the execution of their swing. This is not necessary because fluidity in motion and direction driven swing is what is necessary. Of course, as anything physics, understanding the concept is easy but execution is always the issues. 

It s that simple, yet not many people get that simple principle right but those who get it right are the most successful. That s why the world s richest main are not those with complicated degrees but those with simple business plans. In Golf also, success is in the basics. Basic things like, the swing, the clubs and the course. 

If you aren t doing your exercises correctly, then you won t be doing any good for your golf game. And, finally, as always recommended please check with a doctor or physician before starting any type of exercise program. You also need to incorporate strength training in your golf fitness program. The important thing with strength training is similarity. 

Use the internet to narrow down your search and go to the recommended shops to try out and buy the golf clubs. Using The Half Set Usually it is recommended that beginner golfers learn with a half set of golf clubs. These usually have matching iron of the same model and consists of five iron clubs, which includes 4, 6, 8, pitching wedge and sand iron, and 3 and 5 woods plus a putter. 

Borrowing clubs is not necessarily frowned upon but you do not want to bother your companions by continuously asking to borrow their clubs. When arriving at the golf course, make sure you have all the clubs you need, not to exceed fourteen. Also, have enough tees and balls with you. Dress - Check on your golf course s dress code.